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Ep.33: Role of Research In EBP with Dr. Izzy Moore

by | Sep 20, 2019 | Podcast Episodes

If you follow running related research, chances are you are already very aware of the work of our special guest. As a hugely respected researcher of Running Biomechanics & Injury with multiple published papers, we are thrilled to bring you an hour with Dr Moore.

We are also honoured to have Dr Moore as one of ten speakers at the RCL Running Conference this October 30/31 in Brighton (UK). In fact, Dr Moore is the speaker who the other speakers are most excited to meet and hear! TICKETS still available:

Chapter Markers

Depending on where you listen to the podcast, the following chapter markers have been made available to help you skip to specific content:

00:00: Get 15% discount from our sponsors The Brighton Beard Company using the code RCL15
02:16: Win a ‘Blue Yeti’ USB Microphone:
05:55: Tickets still available for this October’s RCL International Running Conference 2019
06:50: Welcome Dr. Izzy Moore
09:09: Pros & Cons of Social Media
13:25: How many research papers should therapists read per week?
17:34: Evidence Based Practice: The Three Legged Stool
23:00: How are so many poor quality studies out there?
29:40: Who’s funding the study?
32:10: How much research out there is free?
34.23: Using PubMed
43.44: Is research funding affected by friends sharing studies?
47.54: Understanding terms like sample size, blinding, p-value, etc.
63:19: Sep 22nd 1.30pm (UK): Dr. Derek Griffin: ‘Running Injury Assessment’

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