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Podcast Reviews (especially on Apple Podcasts!) help us climb the podcast chart and appear higher in Google searches. As a result, we reach more of an audience, get more listeners, and the information shared by our fantastic special guests reaches more therapists & runners!

We would LOVE you to follow the steps below and leave a review on Apple Podcasts, whether you are using an iPhone/iPad or an Android phone/Windows/Mac. It takes just two minutes and truly makes a difference!

At the bottom of this page you’ll see some of the hugely appreciated reviews you guys have already sent in!

Leaving Reviews On Apple Podcasts Using Your iPhone/iPad

Leaving a podcast review on iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad can be done easily using the Podcasts app. The app has a purple icon and should be on the first or second screen of your iOS device.

Open the app, find the search tool, and type enter ‘RunchatLive’ or ‘Sports Therapy Association’. Tap on the podcast logo, then Reviews > Write a Review. Enter your Apple password when prompted, then leave a star rating, a review, and a title. Tap Send, and you’re done!

Leaving Reviews on Apple Podcasts using Android or Windows/Mac

For Android and Windows/macOS users, to leave a podcast review you need to use the standard iTunes app. Clicking the drop-down menu to select Podcasts, use the search box in the top-right to find ‘RunchatLive’ or ‘Sports Therapy Association’.

Click on the podcast logo and you’ll see in the details the Ratings and Reviews button. Click on this, select a star rating under the Click to Rate heading, leave a review and hit Submit.

NOTE: After hitting submit, you may be asked to log in again to avoid the posting of fake reviews.

Leaving Reviews On Other Podcast Apps

To help support your favourite podcasts,  leaving reviews on Apple Podcast/iTunes is the most useful thing can do .

That said, almost all podcast apps let you leave their own star rating or add a “like”, especially on Android. Though these ratings do not have the same influence as Apple Podcast/iTunes, they are obviouslty much appreciated and spur us on to keep doing what we do!

Recent Reviews… Thank You! 🙂

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