Online Consultation for Runners and Therapists

Whether you are a runner struggling with pain/performance issues, or a healthcare professional looking for guidance, Matt Phillips offers online consultation to help & advise. Click the ‘Enquire via email’ button below to book a date and time that suits you!

Support For Runners

For runners, online consultation provides the opportunity to be assessed via conversation & camera, and receive advice on what the best steps are to deal with injury or performance issues. Depending on your needs, the consultation may include:

  • assessment of your injury history & symptoms to check if there is any need for immediate medical attention.
  • the creation of an effective & realistic rehabilitation plan to ensure you are on the path to full recovery.
  • discussion of modifications to your current training program to reduce the risk of future injury
  • modifications to your current strength training program to ensure you get results
  • highlight any lifestyle changes that could benefit you, and talk through how you can realistically achieve these changes

For many runners and non runners, removing the need for a trip to the clinic has been a game changer, allowing you to seek advice from professionals who practice far from you, even on the other side of the world! 

Support For Therapists

In these modern times, maintaining & building a sports therapy or sports massage business can be hard work, with more obstacles than we have ever seen before. Covid-19 taught us that reaching out to other therapists for advice can play a huge part in finding success. With over twenty years in the business, Matt Phillips has a wealth of information in how to survive & build a resilient career in sports therapy & sports massage. Within an online consultation, topics often discussed include:

  • how can I get more clients?
  • how much should I be charging?
  • how can I improve my marketing?
  • do I need to upgrade my qualification?
  • what CPD would help my business?
  • should I train to be a physio?
  • do I need to be part of a professional association?

For many therapists, realising that there is no embarassment in reaching out for support can be a life changer. Evolving to meet the needs of modern healthcare provision can be an extremely lonely & confusing task if you try to do it alone.

If you are RUNNER or a THERAPIST who feels that an Online Consultation with Matt Phillips may be of use to you, click the button below and request details about an initial 45 minute consultation or a 20 minute follow up.