Online Consultation for Runners and Therapists

Whether you are a runner struggling with pain/performance issues, or a professional therapist looking for guidance on how to move your business forward, Matt Phillips is here to help & advise. Click the ‘Enquire via email’ button below to book a date and time that suits you!

One thing that the Covid-19 pandemic demonstrated is that when it comes to running injury & performance issues, an online consultation can often provide just as much assistance as a visit to the sports therapy clinic or physio. It also showed that many professional therapists can benefit by reaching out to other therapists for support in difficuilt times.

Support For Runners

For runners, online consultation provides the opportunity to be assessed via conversation & camera, and receive advice on what the best steps are to deal with injury or performance issues. Depending on your needs, the consultation may include:

  • assessment of your injury history & symptoms to check if there is any need for immediate medical attention.
  • the creation of an effective & realistic rehabilitation plan to ensure you are on the path to full recovery.
  • discussion of modifications to your current training program to reduce the risk of future injury
  • modifications to your current strength training program to ensure you get results
  • highlight any lifestyle changes that could benefit you, and talk through how you can realistically achieve these changes

For many runners and non runners, removing the need for a trip to the clinic has been a game changer, allowing you to seek advice from professionals who practice far from you, even on the other side of the world!

Support For Therapists

In these modern times, maintaining & building a sports therapy or sports massage business can be hard work, with more obstacles than we have ever seen before. Covid-19 taught us that reaching out to other therapists for advice can play a huge part in finding success. With over twenty years in the business, Matt Phillips has a wealth of information in how to survive & build a resilient career in sports therapy & sports massage. Within an online consultation, topics often discussed include:

  • how can I get more clients?
  • how much should I be charging?
  • how can I improve my marketing?
  • do I need to upgrade my qualification?
  • what CPD would help my business?
  • should I train to be a physio?
  • do I need to be part of a professional association?

For many therapists, realising that there is no embarassment in reaching out for support can be a life changer. Evolving to meet the needs of modern healthcare provision can be an extremely lonely & confusing task if you try to do it alone.

If you are RUNNER or a THERAPIST who feels that an Online Consultation with Matt Phillips may be of use to you, please click the ‘Enquire via email’ button below to book a date and time that suits you!

The Runners Guide (Online Course)

Become a faster, stronger runner!

Many of the questions that runners, and professionals who work with runners, ask me during online consultation have answers that can be found in the ‘Runchatlive Runners Guide Course

This concise, evidence packed online course is designed to help runners, therapists & coaches take back control, and learn how to use evidence informed strategies to maximise success, whether that be returning from running injury, reducing risk of future injury, or maximising performance.

The 15 video lessons, watched at you own pace, will provide you with the foundational tools to become a stronger, faster, injury free runner.


Below is a taster from the first lesson to give you an idea of the content!



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