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To what extent can screening tests predict injury before it actually happens? Chris Kitson, Osteopath & co-founder of The Movement Hub has worked with numerous GB level athletes & has excellent understanding of the stresses involved in top level sport.

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In Depth Articles

Is Heel Striking a Problem?

Many runners I see in clinic are still being told by shoe shop staff, personal trainers or other therapists that the ‘reason they are in pain’ or ‘the way to become a better runner’ is to change their heel strike to a midfoot or forefoot strike (see an email I received from a reader worried about their heel strike here). Unfortunately, it’s not that simple and despite the good intention it is delivered with, advice like this can even cause injury.

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3D Running Gait Analysis

Video gait analysis was once something that only elite runners would use. Then shoe shops started using treadmills as a way of prescribing footwear. Sadly, they got that a little wrong (more on that later) but suddenly runners of all abilities found themselves being offered video gait analysis as a way of reducing injury and increasing performance. How effective is gait analysis in doing this?

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Stop Trying To Get Fixed

For runners struggling with pain or injury, it can often be confusing as to what type of health professional to visit. In a previous article we considered the difference between a sports therapist, physiotherapist, osteopath and chiropractor but experience shows that at the end most of us do not care what the therapist has studied, as long as they can fix us. And here lies the problem. The belief that the human body can be ‘fixed’ by a therapist’s hands is probably one of the main reasons that so many runners struggle with delayed recovery or re-injury.

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Injury Q&A

Shin Splints: What Can I Do?

I haven’t been able to run for 6 months. I’ve been resting all the time because of shin splints but am now getting aching symptoms in my lower right leg on the outside, even when I sit down. It feels very sore when I run my fingers along the bone and just a few minutes of walking can start it. Maybe I have to accept running is not for me?

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Hamstring Pain When I Sit?

I always have a pain in the back of my leg and sometimes up into my bottom when I sit down. I always warm up and stretch after my runs but sometimes pain stops me from running and hurts when I pick up my daughter who is 3 years old. Any advice appreciated.

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Stretch To Reduce Soreness?

The muscles in my legs are always very sore for a couple of days after running. I stretch a lot before and after my runs but this does not seem to help. Is there anything else I can do?

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Running Performance

Half Marathon Preparation

Half marathon preparation may be for 13.1 miles instead of 26.2, but it’s still just as important to reduce risk of injury and make to race day ready for am awesome performance. Let’s look at some of the most important elements of preparation and ways in which we can help you!

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The Runners MOT

A 90 minute check of your running specific strength & mobility, plus a full body gait analysis. We present to you… the ‘Runner’s MOT’.

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Marathon Preparation

Preparation is obviously key in preparing for any running race, but importance does tend to increase exponentially the longer the distance you are preparing for. The most common mistake I see runners making when training for a marathon is incorrect pacing. Too many runners are unaware of their target race pace and many lack a suitable predicted race time. If your preparation is based on the concept “I just want to finish” then this article is particularly for you.

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Podcast Host

Matt Phillips is a Running Injury & Performance Specialist with a particular interest in movement & pain science. As a regular writer for UK magazine Outdoor Fitness and USA website Runners Connect, Matt is a keen advocate of evidence based treatment with a focus on patient empowerment, education & self management. He offers injury consultation & gait analysis at Studio57Clinic and StrideUK in England.

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