Runners Guide Cpourse

Want to be a stronger, faster, injury free runner?

The Runners Guide Course is designed to help runners, therapists, coaches & personal trainers utilise evidence informed strategies to optimise success, whether that be returning from running related injury, reducing risk of future injury, or maximising running performance.

The 15 video lessons, watched at you own pace, will provide you with the foundational tools to become a stronger, faster, injury free runner

YouTube Video Linbrary

Runchatlive Conference Recordings

Presentations from the 2019 & 2020 Runchatlive Running Conferences are now available on our YouTube channel, including simultaneous translation into Spanish!

Speakers from these two conferences include:

Matt Fitzgerald, Dr. JF Esculier, Dr. Izzy Moore, Ian Griffiths, Dr. Derek Griffin, Chris Johnson, Tom Goom, Trevor Prior, Alice Sanvito, Ben Cormack, Dr. Claire Minshull, Kevin Maggs, Emma Brockwell, Mike James, Nick Knight, Dr. Jess Bruce.

YouTube Video Linbrary

Check out our Runners Rehab Videos on YouTube!

Visit Runchatlive YouTube channel for a library of clear, simple videos illustrating effective exercises & drills that can be used as part of either a rehabilitation or srength training program.*

*These exercises do not replace medical advice. As always, seek professional guidance before attempting any new exercise.