About Matt Phillips

by | Apr 13, 2021

Matt Phillips is a Running Injury & Performance Specialist, best known for being creator & host of the Runchatlive Podcast. Originally a strength & conditioning coach with the National Academy Of Sports Medicine, Matt turned his attention to Sports Therapy in 2004 working particularly with distance runners & endurance athletes.

Matt was for over ten years part of a multidisciplinary team of physiotherapists, sports therapists, osteopaths, podiatrists and massage therapists. Having witnessing the coming & going of many fads within particularly the Running Industry, Matt decided through his website www.runchatlive.com to try and help both runners and therapists evolve from outdated ideas and embrace a more evidence-based approach to running injury prevention & management.

As well as running the runchatlive site & podcast, Matt also offers specialist online consultation for runners & non runners struggling to achieve results. He also offers Running Gait Analysis in Sussex, South Coast of England  via the company StrideUK

Matt has written for numerous websites & national magazines including Runners Connect & Outdoor Fitness. His 2019 ‘Runchatlive International Running Conference‘ in Brighton, Sussex ws a huge success with ten world class speakers travelling from as far as Australia, Canada & The United States.

The 2020 Runchatlive Conference was 100% online and saw 100 happy delegates sharing the screen with ten more world class speakers from the Running Industry, including best selling author & endurance coach Matt Fitzgerald. It was also for the first time streamed with simultaneous transation into Spanish!

Matt also hosts the ‘Sports Therapy Association Podcast‘, a weekly show that that helps soft tissue therapists become more evidence informed. Were that not enough, he is also a lecturer in Anatomy & Physiology and teaches Sports Massage Therapy.

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