RCL2019 Day 1.5 Dr Izzy Moore


October 30-31st 2019
Day1.5: Dr Izzy Moore
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Presentation: “Gait Retraining For Runners: Is It For Me?”
Duration: 50 minutes

About The Speaker
Dr Izzy Moore is a researcher & lecturer in Sport & Exercise Medicine at Cardiff Metropolitan University with PhD thesis ‘Running self-optimisation: Acute & short-term adaptations to running mechanics & running economy’. She is currently researching several injury epidemiology projects & advising National Governing Bodies on injury prevention & management strategies.

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Anyone who stays up to date with running related research will be very aware of the work of Dr. Izzy Moore. As a hugely respected researcher of Running Biomechanics & Injury with multiple published papers, Dr Moore is a researcher and lecturer in Sport & Exercise Medicine at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

It was an absolute honour to have a researcher of Dr Moore's calibre speak at the conference, especially as she does not tend to present very often. You can see and listen to Dr Moore on Runchatlive Podcast Ep.33 in which she gives some fascinating insight into the role of research in evidence based practice., including topics such as how accessible research is to therapists, how to distinguish quality research from poor, and what terms like p-values, effect sizes and blinding actually mean!

Duration: 55 minutes


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