Strength and Conditioning for Runners with Alex Backhouse

by | Nov 18, 2018 | Podcasts On Performance

RunChatLive Ep.10 was initially going to be with special guest & exercise physiologist John Feeney. Due to catching one of the many winter bugs currently doing the rounds, John was sadly unable to make it but he has promised to join us as soon as he is well again. We wish him a speedy recovery.

Fortunately, we were able to persuade strength & conditioning coach Alex Backhouse (who had me as a guest on his weekly Whisky & Barbells live broadcast on thursday that week) to give up his Sunday morning and step in at late notice to be our guest, for which we are obviously extremely grateful.

Alex is someone who we always intended to have on the show, especially as he is local to our neck of the woods (Brighton & Hove on the South Coast of England). His business locale ‘Alex Backhouse Strength & Conditioning’ is a stone’s throw away from Studio57clinic so he is one of our top recommendations for runners who we feel would benefit from some strength work, which in all honesty is most of you!

We talked to Alex about his growth as a personal trainer, from the early days training UFC & Invicta fighters through to obtaining a masters in Strength & Conditioning and today running a hugely successful personal training gym. If you are interested in getting optimum results from strength training, this episode is a must watch.

NOTE: Apologies for the slightly distorted sound at Alex’s end. It doesn’t last the whole recording so we hope you are able to persevere. We hope you enjoy the content. If you do, please LIKE (especially on iTunes) and SHARE it to help us put evidence based practice out there!


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