Day 2 of 10in10 challenge

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In today’s post-run chat, I talk about mountain goats, running shoes & achilles issues, there’s a shout out for people taking on the 10-in-10 challenge and a reminder that you’re welcome to split the daily 10k up into smaller sessions, as long as together they show you’ve run 10k that day! Apologies in advance for the background wind & the drink breaks. There’s also a couple of pauses in which I am pointing to my running shoes…    

The aim of the 10-in-10 challenge is to run 10km a day for up to 10 days. And there’s an incentive…  For each completed day you will earn yourself (or a colleague) a £10 discount off a ticket to the RCL International Running Conference this October 30/31 in Brighton, UK. In other words, complete five days and you’ll get £50 off. Complete all 10 days you’ll get £100 off!

• If you’d like the voucher for the RCL Running Conference but are not in condition to do the challenge yourself (see notes below) you can get someone else to do the challenge for you!
• If you’re a runner and want to give a friend a voucher for the conference, you can do the challenge for them!

▪️ Proof of the 10km must be posted every day on social media (Facebook, Instagram or Twitter)
▪️ You must tag @runchatlive & the hashtag #runchatlive.
▪️ For every 10k completed a £10 voucher will be awarded, up to £100
▪️ Full details of conference are available at

Only do this challenge if you are a regular runner. If you’re going for the full 10 days, you should already be comfortably used to running 30-40 miles a week. Runchatlive accepts NO responsibility for injuries incurred during this challenge.


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