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Ep.34: Running Injury Assessment with Dr. Derek Griffin

by | Sep 24, 2019 | Podcast Episodes

In Ep.34 of Runchatlive, we are honoured to be joined by Dr. Derek Griffin, a hugely important player in the dissemination of evidence based practice. Dr. Griffin discusses ways in which the assessment of runners has had to evolve in order to encompass developments in our understanding of pain.

Along with his expertise in the management of patients with complex chronic pain disorders and a PhD in the subject area, Dr. Griffin is also a highly respected runner with a 2hr 31 finish at this year’s London Marathon. When it comes to understanding runners in pain, they don’t come much more experienced than this guest.

We are also honoured to have Dr Griffin as one of ten speakers at the RCL Running Conference this October 30/31 in Brighton (UK). TICKETS still available:

Chapter Markers

Depending on where you listen to the podcast, the following chapter markers have been made available to help you skip to specific content:

00:00:  Happy one year birthday to us!
01:40:  Get 15% discount from our sponsors The Brighton Beard Company using the code RCL15 02:30: Win a ‘Blue Yeti’ USB Microphone:
03:54:  70% discount student tickets for October’s RCL International Running Conference 2019
05:54:  Welcome Dr. Derek Griffin
09:14:  Can the conclusions of lower back pain research be applied to running related injury?
11:53:  ‘Real pain’ vs. ‘in your head’ psychosocial pain.
17:20:  How do we start changing society’s antiquated view of pain?
25:06:  Clinicians need to take more responsibility in educating society?
29:07:  Yellow Flags and body charts
33:50:  Subjective Assessment – internal loads
40.11:  Question: What can we do to help the subjective assessment flow better
46.32:  Question: How much nutrition advice can a therapist give before referring the runner to a Dietician?
48.38:  Objective Assessment – any ‘go to’ tests?
55:17:  The need for Reflective Practice
60:17:  What’s in the future for Derek Griffin?

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