Hill Sprints for Novice Runners

by | Jul 3, 2021 | In Depth Articles

For those relatively new to regular running, the notion of introducing maximal effort hill sprints is often met with concern over the possibility of over-training and encouraging injury. And yet, including one or two weekly hill sprint sessions into your training may well be safer than just knocking out long distances on flat ground.

The strength training stimulus that hill sprints provide is thought to play a major role in improving performance and may even reduce susceptibility to injury. Hill sprints can increase the power and efficiency of your stride, enabling you to cover more ground with each stride using less energy. 

Hill Sprints for Neuromuscular Fitness

In the article Half Marathon Preparation, we looked at the importance of including different types of runs to your training in order to improve pace. We noted that running fitness has three components which although inter-related are stimulated by different types of training: Aerobic Fitness, Neuromuscular Fitness and Specific Endurance.

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