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Ep.35: Gait Analysis with Jess Bruce and Trevor Prior

by | Oct 14, 2019 | Podcast Episodes

Ep.35 of Runchatlive brings a ‘Gait Analysis Special’ with legendary podiatrist Trevor Prior and Run3D
founder Dr. Jessica Leitch, discussing the role of Gait Analysis in treating musculoskeletal overuse injuries.

How much of what a runner expects from Gait Analysis can actually be delivered? To what extent does ever advancing technology help runners minimise injury and maximise performance?

Jessica Leitch & the Run3D team are one of the exhibitors at the ‘RCL International Running Conference’ taking place this 30/31st October in Brighton (UK). They will have live treadmill Gait Analysis demo throughout the conference showing their exclusive software system used by clinics across the UK.

TICKETS for Therapists, Students, Runners & Virtual (live stream & post recording) are still available at:

Chapter Markers

Depending on where you listen to the podcast, the following chapter markers have been made available to help you skip to specific content:

00:00:  Interviews from the Sahara Desert – UltraMirage100k
02:18: 15% discount from our sponsors The Brighton Beard Company using the code RCL15
03:30: Win £100 discount for the RCL International Running Conference Oct30/31
05:48: Welcome Jess Leitch (Bruce) and Trevor Prior
10:06: Trevor Prior – 30 years in the business
13:25: Jessica Bruce – The history of Run3D
16:19: Gait Analysis: Full Body vs. Foot Only
19:58: What do most runners expect from Gait Analysis?
29:14: Run3D Gait Analysis: What Does It Involve
43:11: Are professional lines becoming blurred?
48.24: Can Gait Analysis help improve performance?
56.07: What’s the evidence base like for Gait Analysis?
60.31: Come and see Run3D at the RCL International Running Conference
68:56: Win £100 discount for the RCL International Running Conference Oct30/31

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