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Ep.30: Training for 5k with Jeff Gaudette of Runners Connect

by | Jul 23, 2019 | Podcast Episodes

Struggling to get that 5K PB? Tired of the same parkrun time every week? Then this episode with Runners Connect founder & head coach Jeff Gaudette is for you!

The UK now has some 623 parkruns happening every Saturday across the country. Though for some runners completion time is not important, for others parkrun represents a weekly challenge to get a new 5k PB.

Runners Connect founder & head coach Jeff Gaudette has competed all over the world and recorded Olympic Trials qualifying times in the marathon and 10,000 meters. He began coaching in 2005 while a member of the Hansons-Brooks professional team.

With a 13:59 PB over 5k and 2:22 at marathon, he founded ‘RunnersConnect’ in 2011 with the goal of helping runners find real, research-based answers to questions about their training and avoiding the latest fads.

In this episode, Jeff tells us about the mistakes runners often make when training for 5k, and discuss strategies that can help you avoid injury along the way. 

Depending on where you listen to the podcast, the following chapter markers have been made available to help you skip to specific content:

• 1:00:   Brighton Beard Special: Did You See It?
• 5:22:   Runners Connect: The Early Years
• 9:44:   Do runners treat 5k as a serious race distance? 
• 12:44: Is there a negative influence from parkrun?
• 14:22: Training 5k: The Window Blind Analogy
• 16:15: Running frequency for 5k training
• 20:45: Track sessions and clubs
• 23:43: Bad running clubs and Brexit
• 29:33: Breaking down the 5k race 
• 35.36: Tailoring running sessions for the 5k 
• 41.47: How often should you go for a new PB?
• 51.04: Online coaching for 5k 
• 53.24: Do 5k runners get injured less? 
• 58:32: Check out
• 63:06: Aug 4th: Mike James & Malcolm Sloan of Sports Injury 

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