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Ep.32: Trust Me I’m A Physiotherapist with Nils Oudhuis

by | Sep 4, 2019 | Podcast Episodes

Nils Oudhuis, creator of education website ‘’ and Facebook Group ‘Trust Me I’m A Physiotherapist’ talks to us about his experiences training to become a Physiotherapist, and how the obstacles he discovered caused him to set up the website.

The conversation focuses on the variety of CPD (Continued Professional Development) choices out there and to what extent the content they deliver to Physiotherapists & other health care professionals actually help in delivering a better service to runners suffering from injury & pain. We also take a look at misconceptions surrounding the topic of ‘posture’ and discuss how clearing up certain yths can be a good way to start becoming a more evidence based practitioner.

Depending on where you listen to the podcast, the following chapter markers have been made available to help you skip to specific content:

00:00: Sportsinjuryfix with Mike James & Malcolm Sloan
04:16: 10-in-10 challenge: save £100 off ticket to RCL Running Conference 2019
05:22: Las Iguanas: official restaurant for RCL Running Conference Social
06:10: Why we need ‘Trust Me I’m A Physiotherapist’
11:14: Physiotherapy: study struggles
16:37: What type of people choose to study Physiotherapy?
23:29: The challenges of a subscription site
26:36: Most popular videos on
30:14: A look at the myths of ‘posture’
49:50: Up & Coming at TrustMe-Ed: Lorimer Moseley
62.19: It’s September… get your tickets!
62:50: Sep 8th 1.30pm (UK): Paul Westwood (Triathlete Coach & Physio)

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