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Ep.29: Tips For Older Runners with Dr Richard Willy

by | Jul 16, 2019 | Podcast Episodes

Many runners know all to well that hitting 40+ years brings changes; pace decreases, recovery takes longer, injury patterns change. The good news is there ARE specific things we can do to minimise the effects of age, plus some of the things we may be worrying about like ‘wear & tear on the knees’ are not actually true.

All this and more is explained in this episode by our very special guest, a leading authority in current running research, Dr. Richard Willy of University of Montana – School of Physical Therapy.

When it comes to running research, Dr. Richard Willy is one of the leaders of the pack. With a PhD in Biomechanics and Movement Science and a masters of physical therapy, he has over 18 years clinical experience specializing in the treatment of the injured runner and is currently Assistant Professor in the School of Physical Therapy, University of Montana.

As the author of multiple published papers aimed at developing clinically effective treatments for patellofemoral pain syndrome, Achilles tendon injuries and tibial stress fractures, Dr. Willy is a highly respected presenter both nationally & internationally and his research has been featured in Runner’s World multiple times.

This is a HUGELY valuable episode for any 40+yrs old runner, plus anyone who works with runners of this age.

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