Runchatlive Gait Analysis Presentations at Therapy Expo 2023


A huge thank you to everyone who attended our Gait Analysis presentations at THERAPY EXPO at the Birmingham NEC on the 22nd & 23rd of November, 2023.

For those of you have yet to attend Therapy Expo, it is a marvellous two day event of multidisciplinary training & CPD education with particular focus on areas such as musculoskeletal medicine, sports injuries and neurorehabilitation, as well as the latest innovations in practice & business management skills.

Gait Analysis Theory & Practical Presentations

As well as hosting two days of presentations in the STA Update Theatre at Therapy Expo (Matt Phillips is host of the Sports Therapy Association Podcast), Matt gave two presentations, with Siddharth Hans, Co-Founder of GaitOn Motion Analysis Systems.


Following a fantastic two days of presenting in Therpay Expo 2023 at the Birmingham NEC, we are very excited to announce new dates & locations for our hybrid course: ‘Gait Analysis For Runners: A Modern Approach’.

Brought to you in association with ‘The ST School‘, we will be bringing the course to both EXETER and MANCHESTER in 2024, and are considering other locations based on demand we have received.

If you would like to see the course coming to your neck of the woods (UK or abroad), please let us know by clicking here to access the contact page

For now, see dates below for Exeter in March and Manchester in September…  

Exeter – March 2024

  • Day 1:
    March 2nd – Online Theory (live)
  • Day 2:
    March 9th – Online Theory (live)
  • Day 3:
    March 16th – In Person Practical at Barefoot Clinic
    Exeter EX4 3BG

    Manchester – Sept/Oct 2024

    • Day 1:
      September 21st – Online Theory (live)
    • Day 2:
      September 28th – Online Theory (live)
    • Day 3:
      October 5th – In Person Practical at Chews Health
      Altrincham (near Manchester) WA15 7UR

      Who Is The Course For?

      • Therapists, coaches & trainers with no experience in Gait Analysis but are thinking of offering a new service to their running clients.
      • Current providers of Gait Analysis who wish to update the service they offer.

      What Is A Modern Approach To Gait Analysis ?

      If you currently work with runners or are planning to do so in the future, Gait Analysis can be a hugely beneficial tool. However – probably not for the reasons you think! Despite the traditional use of Gait Analysis to ‘screen’ runners for ‘biomechanical flaws’ and ‘prescribe running shoes’ according to their ‘foot type’, the success of such is often hit & miss.

      In this course, running injury & performance specialist Matt Phillips of Runchatlive will provide you with a MODERN guide to Gait Analysis. You will be taken through all of the traditional elements of Gait Analysis, but also guided through research and what we see in every day clinic to understand & appreciate the limitations of a solely ‘biomechanical’ approach.

      By providing you with the skills & tools to work with the individual runner infront of you rather than relying on outdated narratives & misconceptions, this course will pave the way for you to offer a modern gait anlaysis service that will truly benefit your running clients.

      Course Content:

      • Biomechanics of running – gait cycle, injury & performance
      • Causes of running related injury – perceived vs. evidence based
      • Understanding pain –Cartesian, Gate Control, Neuromatrix, Biopsychosocial
      • Subjective assessment for gait analysis
      • Objective assessment for gait analysis
      • Gait hardware & software
      • Interpretation of data from gait cycle
      • Gait modification & re-education
        Strength training for runners
      • Footwear – trainers & orthoses

      About Matt Phillips
      Matt Phillips is a Running Injury & Performance Specialist, best known as creator & host of Runchatlive Podcast and Sports Therapy Association Podcast. His website is designed to help runners & therapists evolve from outdated ideas and embrace a more evidence-informed approach to running injury prevention & management. A popular speaker at national & international conferences, Matt has written for numerous websites & magazines, and spent time in Nairobi helping set up one of the first Gait Analysis stores in Kenya. Social Media: @runchatlive



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