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Nick Knight Podiatrist: Gait Analysis for Runners

by | Dec 2, 2018 | Runchatlive Podcasts: Gait and Shoes

Gait Analysis is often presented to runners as a ‘must’ when it comes to choosing footwear and explaining or preventing injury. Unfortunately, there is an awful lot of misconception out there, so the effectiveness of a gait analysis can vary enormously depending on who you see. 

Episode 12 of Runchatlive brings you a ‘GAIT ANALYSIS GUIDE’ with special guest Nick Knight, sports podiatrist & gait analyst at NKSportsPodiatry. Together we consider some of the preconceived ideas many runners have regarding gait analysis and discuss evidence based answers to questions such as:

  • what is gait analysis actually used for?
  • can gait analysis help runners select the right shoe?
  • what sort of movements are associated with running related injury?
  • can gait analysis be used to improve running performance?
  • what are some of the other factors considered during a gait analysis?
  • how important are factors such as flexibility and strength?

As always, good old fashioned EVIDENCE is our guide, so expect some BOMBSHELLS as we clear up common misconceptions and separate fact from the all too common twaddle. To help us do this, please LIKE and SHARE this post if you find it useful! Thanks in advance and enjoy!


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