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Five Best Ways For Runners To Warm Up

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Ever wondered why so many magazine articles and internet blogs written for runners start with “Five Best Ways To…”?

Two words… Click Bait.

As runners, many of us suffer from serious FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), an innate fear that somewhere in a magazine, website or dvd there is the perfect shoe, running technique or exercise that will cure us of all niggles and guarantee our next parkrun or marathon PB. And the warm up is no exception…

So yes, we have used click bait to get you here (why should only the dodgy websites get away with it!?) but we have done so with your best interest at heart! As regular visitors to Runchatlive will know, there is rarely any one perfect shoe, running technique or warm up exercise that will suit all runners. In reality, many factors will affect which individuals benefit from which tweak or modification at which period of time, making it extremely difficult for anyone to come up with any one strategy that will suit all runners all of the time.

The result? A whole heap of stuff out there that will work (or seems to work) for some runners but will either work (or make things worse) for other runners!

However, knowing this can help us in or running related goals. Armed with this understandinmg that what works for one runner in our club will not necessarily work for all runners, you can now try out warm up routines and exercises strategies that work for others and see which of them works best for us you. This is especially true if you are returning from injury, which we will see in this article is where a warm up can often be highly beneficial.

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