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Gait Analysis Series Part 1: Dr. Max Paquette – Running Biomechanics

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In Part 1 of our special FOUR PART SERIES on GAIT ANALYSIS on Runchatlive Podcast, our special guest Dr. Max Paquette, Associate Professor of the University of Memphis Human Performance Center and Director of the Musculoskeletal Analysis Laboratory, discusses to what extent a  knowledge of running biomechnics can reduce running injury and increase running performance.   

Dr. Paquette consults for high school, collegiate and World-class track and field athletes and their coaches to optimize performance and reduce injury risks. During his collegiate career with the Guelph Gryphons, he won multiple national titles in cross country and track and in 2008, he was a national and Olympic Trials finalist in the 3000m steeplechase.

When it comes to research, Dr Paquette has had a huge influence in the field of lower limb joint mechanics with over 100 scientific articles, including the effects of different footwear, fatigue/repetition, altered techniques and training interventions for injury prevention and performance. Dr. Paquette’s research also focuses on the effects of exercise interventions and gait modifications on joint mechanics, and function in older individuals and athletes.

Other Episodes:

  • Part 2 with Dr. JF Esculier, Vice-President & Director of Research & Development at The Running Clinic.
  • Part 3 with Dr. Izzy Moore, Associate Professor in Human Movement & Sports Medicine at Cardiff Metropolitan University.
  • Part 4 with Dr. Allison Gruber, Assistant Professor in the Department of Kinesiology at Indiana University Bloomington.

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Topics (with timestamp) include:

  • 6:40 Why has there been a decline in the use of gait analysis in the last few years by scientists & biomechanists?
  • 9:20 When did Max Paquette first use gait analysis and what did he look for?
  • 11:25 The danger of thinking all runners should run like elites.
  • 13:20 The challenges of mass misinformation and educating runners.
  • 17:40 Gait analysis for prescribing shoes
  • 21:10 Gait analysis for ‘management strategies’ to help recovery from injury
  • 23:00 Dr Max Paquette on researchgate.net
  • 24:56 ‘The influence of surface & speed on biomechanical external loads obtained from wearable devices in rearfoot elite runners.’
  • 33:15 The significance of footstrike in running performance
  • 38:00 What running injuries can gait analysis be best used for?
  • 46:00 Gait Analysis vs The Naked Eye
  • 48:50 Cues and Drills for runners
  • 50:30 Internal Cues vs External Cues
  • 51:50 Cadence and Gait Analysis
  • 58:00 Dr Max Paquette on Twitter @biomechmax

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Our sincere thanks to Dr Max Paquette for giving up his time to be a guest!

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