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Nadeah Miranda: Love Gods & Marathons

by | Jun 9, 2020 | Uncategorized

Exciting curveball in this episode as we bring you with great delight an interview with musician & vocalist extraordinaire Nadeah Miranda.

Nadeah is an Australian singer-songwriter, model, and actress who shot to fame in the early 2000’s as cofounder of Brighton based band ‘The Lovegods‘. The band won Radio 1’s best unsigned band and played Glastonbury three times. Nadeah then moved to Paris, joined Nouvelle Vague for three years and then put out three solo albums under the name Nadéah – Venus Gets Even (2011), While the Heart Beats (2016) and Milk Teeth (2019).

As a fan throughout those 15 years, it therefore gave me GREAT pleasure when I heard during one of Nadeah’s Facebook Live sessions that she is interested in running a marathon… but hasn’t yet.

Like a rag to a bull, the goal was set. In this special Runchatlive episode I ask Nadeah to comment of my favourite songs/videos that span her career to date, whilst Nadeah asks me about certain barriers she feels she has with regards to running a marathon.

We had a great time recording this, despite a couple of internet connection issues, and totally recommend you check out Nadeah on Facebook with her regular live performances. The debut ep ‘DreamBitches’ by Nadeah & Beki (teaming up with producer Marc Collin of Nouvelle Vague) was released in March and is available on Spotify.

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