Ep.15: with Elisabet Barnes UltraMarathon

by | Jan 6, 2019 | Podcast Episodes

Ultra endurance running legend Elisabet Barnes joins us to share some absolute pearls of advice & inspiration for not only ultra runners but any runner keen to learn about preparing physically and mentally for challenge.

Elisabet is best known for being two times female champion of the infamous Marathon Des Sables, and in the 2018 Ultra Mirage El Djerid 100KM in Tunisia she not came first amongst the women but also finished with just three men in front of her. In the interview we talk about where she finds her motivation, how her training has changed over the years, her approach to nutrition, and together muse over why she is still not as well known as Kim Kardashian.    

It is always an absolute pleasure to chat with this incredible athlete. We hope Elisabet inspires you as much as she did us in the interview. 


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