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Gait Analysis Series Part 2: Dr. JF Esculier – Gait Modifications

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In Part 2 of this four part GAIT ANALYSIS special, our special guest Jean Francois Esculier, Vice-President & Director of Research & Development at The Running Clinic, discusses the effectiveness of common Running Gait Modifications, in particular with regards to Patellofemoral Pain. 

Other Episodes:

  • Part 1 with Dr. Max Paquette, Associate Professor of the University of Memphis Human Performance
  • Part 3 with Dr. Izzy Moore, Associate Professor in Human Movement & Sports Medicine at Cardiff Metropolitan University.
  • Part 4 with Dr. Allison Gruber, Assistant Professor in the Department of Kinesiology at Indiana University Bloomington.


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Topics (with timestamp) include:

  • 3:20 JF Esculier at Runchatlive Conference 2019
  • 5:00 JF Esculier – a decade of running related research
  • 6:40 Latest Study: Running Gait Modifications Can Lead To Immediate Reductions In Patellofemoral Pain
  • 11:45 The history of gait modifications recommended to reduce patellofemoral pain (PFP).
  • 14:25 Step Rate Increase, Run Softer, Foot Strike Pattern
  • 19:50 A closer look at cadence
  • 21:30 If the runner is not injured, don’t change the way they run
  • 22:45 Influence of shoe weight on cadence
  • 28:40 The limitations of using ‘comfort’ to choose shoes
  • 33:15 The significance of footstrike in running performance
  • 34:30 Results of the study: expected & not expected
  • 36:50 Why did some runners report report less pain when they reduced cadence, or went to rear foot strike?
  • 44:50 Moving load from the patella to the achilles
  • 59:00 Instagram, Twitter, Courses with The Running Clinic

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    Our sincere thanks to Dr JF Esculier for giving up his time to be a guest! 

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