“Putting Evidence Back Into
Running Injury and Performance”

Podcasts for Therapists

paul ingraham

Paul Ingraham: Muscle Knots and Trigger Points

Ep.52 of Run Chat Live Podcast brings you Paul Ingraham of painscience.com talking about muscle knots and trigger points.

alice sanvito

Alice Sanvito: Massage Therapy – How to be Evidence Based

Alice Sanvito talks to us about what massage does & doesn’t do for runners, and how being evidence based therapists can make it work better.

todd hargrove

Todd Hargrove: Playing With Movement

www.runchatlive.com"Putting Evidence Back IntoRunning Injury and Performance""Kids, animals, and most successful athletes develop skill and fitness through play, not working out. The best pathway to movement health is found not...
mike james

Run Chat Live Conference 2019 with Mike James

www.runchatlive.com"Putting Evidence Back IntoRunning Injury and Performance" In this final episode of Season One Runchatlive Podcast, we are joined by Mike James 'The Endurance Physio' as we dissect the recent 'RCL...