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The Runners MOT: What’s Included?

by | Jan 3, 2019 | Drafts

How far, fast and often you run are major contributors to running related injury. However, research shows that your biomechanics and running form may also be linked to injury and pain. Modifying your running form and supplementing the changes with suitable strengthening & mobility exercises could be key in helping you overcome pain and improve running performance. We present to you… the ‘Runner’s MOT’.
The Runner’s MOT is a 90 minute assessment of your body (bodywork) and running form (engine) using the fantastic Video Gait Lab facilities of StrideUK.

Bodywork Assessment

The ‘Bodywork’ assessment is a series of run specific dynamic tests designed to highlight areas where either restrictions in range of dynamic movement or lack of control over the available range of movement could potentially be contributing to inefficient running form and injury/pain. The assessment will look at:

  • Ankle strength & mobility
  • Hip strength & mobility
  • Pelvic strength & mobility
  • Upper body mobility
  • Balance & coordination

Engine – How’s Your Running Efficiency?

The ‘Engine’ assessment in the StrideUK gait lab provides a hugely valuable look at your running form. Though there is no one perfect way of running, we do know that certain traits are common to the majority of successful running styles, just as certain movements can often be linked to pain and injury. The assessment looks at:

  • Initial contact (overstriding)
  • Knee flexion (landing & swinging leg)
  • Upper/lower leg rotation
  • Hip Extension & pelvic tilt
  • Hip drop / hip hiking
  • Vertical movement
  • Upper body & arm movement
  • Cadence (step frequency) test

The Runners MOT takes 90 minutes and costs £129Considering this includes a full body video gait assessment, it is a great opportunity to help find ways to reduce injury risk and increase performance. It promises no magic bullets, no secret formula for overnight success – but it will provide sound advice on how you can make yourself a stronger, faster and more resilient runner based on the information the assessments bring to light.

We are confident the 90 minutes will be of huge use to any runner either just starting out or looking to increase distance or intensity.

For more information or to book a RUNNERS MOT, please use our contact form (bottom of Homepage).


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