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Sleep Awareness Month: STA Podcast

by | Focus On Sleep

As runners, most of us are aware that our running performance will be affected by a poor night’s sleep, and as a result we do what we can to get some decent shut-eye. But it’s not easy in our industrialised world, with work and kids frequently not allowing us more than 6 hours sleep a night.

Modern sleep reasearch is now far more equipped at measuring the affect of poor sleep quantity & quality, and the results are pretty shocking. Yes, running performance will suffer, but more significant is the effect on day to day functioning and emotional & physical well being.

The long-term effects of sleep loss and sleep disorders are now being associated with increased risk of systemic disorders including :

  • hypertension
  • diabetes
  • obesity
  • depression
  • heart attack
  • stroke
  • Alzheimer’s

‘SLEEP AWARENESS MONTH’ on the Sports Therapy Association Podcast

Throughout April on every Tuesday at 8pm (GMT+1), the Sports Therapy Association and Runchatlive will be streaming LIVE video interviews with internationally acclaimed experts from the world of Sleep Research:

‘Sleep – The Silent Epidemic’
with Jesse Cook, Clinical Psych PhD Student. Sleep Researcher.
Click to join LIVE on YouTube! 
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APRIL 12th
‘Sleep Trackers’
with Dr Olivia Walch, CEO of Arcascope, PhD Applied Mathematics.

APRIL 19th
‘Sleep: Injury & Performance’
with Dr Jonathan Charest, Director of Athlete Sleep Service at Centre For Sleep and Human Performance

APRIL 26th
‘In-Home Polysomnogram’
with Dr Amy M. Bender, Director of Clinical Sleep Science at Cerebra


Sleep Awareness Month Speakers:

The shows will be streamed LIVE to:
Sports Therapy Association YouTube Channel
Runchatlive Facebook Page

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If you have any questions regarding this event please feel free to contact us. We hope that you can join us live! 


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