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plantar fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis: What Can I Do?

“I’ve started getting a dull achy pain in the sole of my foot and back towards my heel. It doesn’t hurt all the time but bothers me when I run and walk sometimes. I know that I have a tight calf in that leg and have to wear high heels for work. What should I do?”


Warm Up: Should I Stretch?

“I always stretch before my runs but a friend told me the other day that I shouldn’t bother as it can make you run slower? Should I stop or could this increase risk of injury? My calves are always tight so I am worried.”


Brace or Kinesio Tape: Which?

“I’m having knee problems at the moment and have had to stop running. My physio has given me a knee brace to wear, but my trainer says I shouldn’t wear it and instead use kinesio tape. I’m really confused.”


ITB Syndrome: How To Recover?

“I’ve been told I’ve got ITB syndrome and have had to pull out of the marathon I was training for. I’ve only been running since last November and I only got my longest run to around 12 miles and then the outside of my knee got very painful and I couldn’t run anymore. It’s really hilly where I live and I wondered if that might have something to do with it?”

Running Shoes: How Do I Choose?

Running Shoes: How Do I Choose?

“I need to buy some proper running shoes for the first time. I’ve had a hip problem and my physio says go for something minimalist as I should be running on my forefoot but the running shop said I need ‘stability’ shoes for my pronation. What should I go for?“

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Shin Splints: Give Up Running?

Shin Splints: Give Up Running?

I haven’t been able to run for 6 months. I’ve been resting all the time because of shin splints but am now getting aching symptoms in my lower right leg on the outside, even when I sit down. It feels very sore when I run my fingers along the bone and just a few minutes of walking can start it. Maybe I have to accept running is not for me?

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