22 Push Up Challenge: Day 12

Day12 – In the gait lab today (yep, I work Sundays, some people are simply born as givers) so just me for the challenge today. All I can say is, don’t have the treadmill going too fast (the video shown was my third attempt…)

22 Push Up Challenge: Day 11

Day11 – 40mins til parkrun means time for some fun in the playground. On ropes. Tougher than I thought! Today’s nomination is for the marvellous Run England Sussex Coordinator Marion Hemsworth.

22 Push Up Challenge: Day 10

Day10 – At work this morning, but the little lad insisted on coming in to help with the challenge, in his own unique way…

22 Push Up Challenge: Day 9

Day9 – September 1st and the sun is still shining so thought we’d take it onto the garden today. Nothing fancy, giving the lads a well earned rest after yesterday.

22 Push Up Challenge: Day 8

Day8 – quadrupedal elevation today with Jasper & Conrad doing a fine job holding my size 14’s up. Started doing nominations too.