22 Push Up Challenge: Day 17

Day17 – Travelled up to Birmingham for a couple of workshops this weekend so have plenty of help for today’s pushups! Thanks for reading below & thanks even more for any donations!

22 Push Up Challenge: Day 16

Day16 – Sun’s out again! And what better way of celebrating it than getting a bunch of nice folk to do 22 pushups in the middle of a road! Many thanks to the guys & gals from YWAM London Radiant, and a few others who just decided to join in!

22 Push Up Challenge: Day 15

Day 15 – Bit of a weak one today I’m afraid. Little man was up all night and had to be taken to hospital to check for elbow dislocation – the joys of parenthood. Anyway, he’s fine now and here’s some poor form push ups on a stability ball and Bosu board.

22 Push Up Challenge: Day 14

Day 14 – The familiar drizzle of a morning on Hove seafront, how we have missed you! Day14 introduces two beach huts & a guy playing the guitar. Was windy so sound is poor. Sorry about that! Today’s nomination is for ‘best legs in the west’ physio Liz Bayley

22 Push Up Challenge: Day 13

Day 13 – Little man had to be at nursery in 5 mins so nothing fancy today. It’s day 13 too so probably best not to take on anything too far away from the ground or on a moving belt…