Strength and Conditioning for Runners – Runchatlive 2020 Day2.2 Dr. Claire Minshull Recording

by | Feb 28, 2021 | Runchatlive 2021 Recordings

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Presentation: “Why Strength and Conditioning for Endurance Athletes is Non-Negotiable.
Strength training for runners is a huge topic lately, but frequently filled with myth and misconception. In this presentation, Rehabilitation & Conditioning Specialist Dr. Claire Minshull discusses many of the topics that your running clients will present to you in clinic, and how you can educate them as to the clear advantages of incorporating strength training into their weekly routines.

Dr. Minshull has worked in sports medicine and health for 20+ years as a Senior Lecturer, Researcher, Consultant and Practitioner, with over 30 peer-reviewed articles published. This is a must watch for anyone who works with runners of any level.

Duration: 57 minutes
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