"Putting Evidence Back Into
Running Injury and Performance"

Runners Guide Course

The Runners Guide

Suitable for: Runners of all levels
Content: 15 video lessons

When it comes to running injury & performance, many runners are already aware of the huge amount of conflicting advice out there, and how frustrating it can be when you are trying to recover from injury or successfully improve your performance. And it’s not just Google that throws out questionable claims – many therapists, coaches and personal trainers, all with the best intentions in the world, fail to stay up to date with the latest research and end up giving out advice that too often fails to address the problem at hand.

The Runners Guide is a concise, evidence packed course designed to help runners of all levels take control of their running, saving considerable money, time and frustration in the process. Learn about misconceptions promoted on a daily basis by many online courses and health care professionals, errors that all too often cause more injury and delays in recovery. On completion of this 15 lesson course (structured across 3 weeks but take as long/little as you wish), you will have the tools to significantly reduce injury risk and improve running performance.

Course Content:

L1: Why Do Runners Get Injured?
L2: The Warm Up – Part 1
L3: The Warm Up – Part 2
L4: The Cool Down
L5: Avoiding Breathlessness

L6: Choosing Running Shoes
L7: Running Form – Part 1
L8: Running Form – Part 2
L9: Gait Analysis – Part 1
L10: Gait Analysis – Part 2

L11: Gait Analysis – Part 3
L12: Strength Training
L13: Understanding Pain
L14: How Fast Should I Run?
L15: Types of Running Session



To give you an introduction of what this course contains, below you can now watch Lesson 1 for free, in which we ask the question: “Why do so many runners get injured? Is it connected to the abundance of conflicting advice online?”



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