Runchatlive Ep.40 ‘The Running Physio’ with guest Tom Goom

by | Mar 12, 2020 | Podcast Episodes

In this 40th episode of Runchatlive, special guest Tom Goom ‘The Running Physio’ and host Matt Phillips take a trip down Memory Lane to celebrate Tom’s 18th year of Physiotherapy and look at ways in which the management & treatment of Running Injury & the optimization of Running Performance has changed since Tom started in 2002.

This episode is literally FULL of fantastic advice and comforting testimony to the fact that as a therapist it is totally normal to have your beliefs & assumptions challenged by modern research, and your practice forced to evolve to keep in line with more modern concepts.  

We also talk about Tom’s up & coming  ‘Running Rehab, from Pain to Performance’ conference this April in London, with speakers Ian Griffiths, Claire Minshull and Chris Napier. With this line-up, the conference is destined to be a huge success and of huge value. Tickets available at


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