Why Every Runner Can & Should Train Like A Pro (Runchatlive 2020 Day 1.5 Matt Fitzgerald)


October 29th-30th 2020
Day1.5: Matt Fitzgerald

Presentation: “Why Every Runner Can & Should Train Like A Pro”
Matt Fitzgerald, best selling author, Endurance Coach & Nutritionist, discusses how despite the common belief that differences in physiology and lifestyle make elite training methods and dietary habits largely irrelevant to non-elites, Science actually says otherwise.

Matt Fitzgerald is a hugely respected Endurance Coach & Nutritionist. As well as writing for multiple running magazines, he is also the author of best selling books including ‘Running the Dream’, ‘How Bad Do You Want It?’ and ‘Brain Training For Runners’. Matt is the cofounder of 8020endurance.com, an online training resource for endurance athletes.

Duration: 57 minutes
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For runners, Matt Fitzgerald should really need no introduction. With a lengthy list of hugely popular books, such as 'Brain Training For Runners', 'Run Faster 5k to Marathon', '80/20 Running', 'Diet Cults', the truly incredible 'Life Is A Marathon' (which we spoke to Matt about in Runchatlive Ep.37) and recent  'Running The Dream' (see Runchatlive Ep. 43), Matt's name should sit proudly on all runners' bookshelves.

One of our biggest regrets of Covid19 preventing a face-to-face conference like that of 2019 was not getting to meet Matt Fitzgerald in the flesh. He has played a huge part in our understanding of running performance, an incredible endurance athlete himself and an all round terrific guy. Hopefully we will tempt him over again when everything has settled down!


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