Running Injury: Load vs Capacity (Runchatlive 2020 Day2.5 Kevin Maggs)


October 29th-30th 2020
Day2.5: Kevin Maggs

Presentation: “Running Injury: Load vs Capacity”
More than any factor, running related injuries are linked with a load/capacity imbalance. In this presentation, Kevin Maggs discusses the logic behind this explanation and provides a practical guide on how to implement this into practice.

As a consultant for pro triathletes at Rev3 triathlon, Kevin Maggs has vast experience in running injuries and is a very popular speaker at symposiums and on podcasts. He is also director of the USA division of The Running Clinic – a continuing education organization for Health Care Professionals.

Duration: 59 minutes
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At the 2019 Runchatlive Conference, Mike James ended his presentation with a fantastic quote from Kevin Maggs. It was at that moment that we decided we had to get Kevin over to the UK for the 2020 Conference. Sadly, Covid-19 ended that plan, but his online presentation was nevertheless extremely well received.

Director of the USA division of The Running Clinic, Dr. Maggs is dedicated to the clinical diagnosis and management of running injuries. He has worked with many amateur runners as well as the elite athletes in Armed Forces Marathon, professional triathletes at ITU triathlon in DC and travelled for four years to work with the professional triathletes of REV3 triathlon series.

You can also listen to Dr. Maggs talk about Load and Capacity in Episode 38 of RunChatLive Podcast.


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