Question Answer Session Day 2 (Runchatlive 2019 Day 2.6 All Ten Speakers)


October 30-31st 2019
Day2 Q&A Session

Duration: 69 minutes
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One of the unique features of this year’s ‘RCL International Running Conference’ that took place October 30th & 31st in Brighton, was the ‘Q&A Session’ that took place on both days with all ten speakers on stage. In this second session, delegates were visibly more eager to challenge some of what they had heard, including an interesting debates about fascia & massage.

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The Questions:

  • 01:06 - “Could the panel of speakers please comment on the ethics of using placebo in clinic?"
  • 06:16 - “Is it more economical to run with a decreased step width for distance runners? Is crossover gait always a danger?"
  • 15:55 - "Does vibration change when a runner modifies their speed and/or surface? How easy it for us to measure it?"
  • 20:54 - "Would it be advantageous to set the bpm of e.g. a pogo hopping exercise to the cadence that an individual runner uses?"
  • 22:50 - "With regards to strength training, is there an ideal number of sets/reps that will help increase leg stiffness in distance runners?"
  • 28:28 - "Could the panel give any tips on differential diagnosis for stress fractures?"
  • 36:31 - "Why does the panel seem to have an aversion to manual therapy when working with someone in pain?"
  • 58:18 - "If we see something works in clinic by monitoring outcome measures, why shouldn't we use it just because it doesn't have a strong evidence base?"

Duration: 69 minutes


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