Strength Training For Runners (Runchatlive 2019 Day 2.5 Mike James)


October 30-31st 2019
Day2.5: Mike James

Presentation: “Strength Training For Runners”
Duration: 45 minutes
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About The Speaker
Mike James a.k.a. ‘The Endurance Physio’ is a Physiotherapist, Sports Therapist and Triathlon Competitor with over 20 years’ experience as an ultra
endurance athlete & cliniciant. As well as having an MSc in Physiotherapy & degrees in Sports Rehabilitation and Sports Science., he is also a former Royal Air Force Physical Training Instructor.

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Mike James a.k.a. 'The Endurance Physio' is rapidly becoming one of the most popular and sought after educators in the UK. His Facebook page is a never-ending source of insight into running injury & performance, with regular posts and videos from both himself and other whose work he admires. He's also as said in Matt's introduction a fantastic human being and dedicated father.

Taking the stage after nine other exceptional speakers, Mike James did an exceptional job of being the final presenter on Day 2, leaving just the afternoon Q&A session to complete this year's conference. As anyone would expect, Mike did a grand job delivering an absolutely tremendous talk on Strength Training for Runners. Keep watching after Mikes departure for a shout out to two other important characters!

Duration: 55 minutes


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