Physical Performance Tests & Strength Training Prescription (Runchatlive 2019 Day 2.4 Chris Johnson)


October 30-31st 2019
Day2.4: Chris Johnson
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Presentation: “Physical Performance Tests & Strength Training Prescription”
Duration: 50 minutes

About The Speaker
Chris Johnson is a Physical Therapist, Triathlon Coach & Competitor based in Seattle, USA. Owner of Zeren PT & Performance, he is also a multiple time Kona qualifier and known by many on YouTube for his unique style of video presentation of exercises for runners.

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We were so thrilled when Chris Johnson agreed to fly in from Seattle, USA to speak at the RCL Running Conference. Chris is an absolute legend when it comes to providing quality information for clinicians, runners and triathletes, and an inspirational athlete himself. His presentation here was delivered with the style & accuracy that clinicians & athletes around the world have grown to love.

Chris' Facebook group 'The Runners Zone' brings together therapists & coaches from around the world and shares some incredible information on how to manage running related injury, minimise risk of injury and maximise performance. We definitely recommend you check it out.

Duration: 50 minutes


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