Question Answer Session Day 1 (Runchatlive 2019 Day 1.6 All Ten Speakers)


October 30-31st 2019
Day1 Q&A Session

Duration: 64 minutes
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One of the unique features of this year’s ‘RCL International Running Conference’ that took place October 30th & 31st in Brighton, was the ‘Q&A Session’ that took place on both days with all ten speakers on stage. In this first session, many of the questions focussed on the use of orthoses, thanks in no small part to what was a brilliant presentation earlier in the morning from Ian Griffiths. The Speakers were also joined by Dr. Jessica Bruce, Founder and Director of Run3D, one of the exhibitors at the conference.

For a list of the questions asked, please see the Description tab below.

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The Questions

  • 01:06 - ““For a patient with pes planus or foot deformity, how does a Physio know when an orthotic is the only way forwards for that patient and that they need referring to a podiatrist?"
  • 16:00 - “I have heard it said that in the case of an asymptomatic runner we should not modify their running form even if their biomechanics are not quite right, i.e. ‘if it’s not broken don’t break it’. But running is a skill, like swimming ,ballet, golf, etc. so my question is why do we not promote improving running technique to improve skill as we do in other sports?"
  • 30:40 - "To what extent can shoe design features (or condition) be a factor in distributing loads away from or towards specific injury sites. For example, is there any quantitative evidence showing how drop impacts on knee/achilles/calf loading?"
  • 42:50 - "I have an athlete who has moved over from triathlon to running and was given orthoses from a young age, and has become dependent on them. They now want to wear a more minimalist shoe so what changes need to be made to the origina orthoses?"
  • 47:40 - "Force transmission via fascia: is it a component that we are missing when looking at patellofemoral pain?"
  • 53:29 - "With regards to adopting a biopsychosocial approach, what strategies do we have to keep runners on side whilst challenging their beliefs?"

Duration: 64 minutes


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