RCL2019 Day 2.2 Paul Coker


October 30-31st 2019
Day2.2: Paul Coker
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Presentation: “Why Kinesiology taping and other Passive Modalities are not always Evil.”
Duration: 64 minutes

About The Speaker
Paul Coker is a Physiotherapist and Medical Director of RocktapeUK. He qualified as a physiotherapist in 2001 from Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen, going on to later receive a Master’s degree in Manual Therapy 2006 from UWA Western Australia. A keen off road ultra runner, Paul also prides himself on being an enthusiastic but ‘very average’ surfer.

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Paul Coker has spent more of his career than he probably cares for defending himself against criticism from staunch evidence based practitioners who see kinesiology tape as nothing more than yet another placebo based passive adjunct. But in the case of many of these 'passive modalities', the debate is far from black & white, and with a thirst for following the research and applying critical thinking Paul has become a formidable evidence based defender of many of the passive interventions used in our industry. He is also an excellent presenter!

Paul was one of 'the two Pauls' in Session 12 of The Physio Matters Podcast back in 2014, entitled ' The Kinesiology tape debate: To KT or not to KT'. If you haven't heard this episode of TPMP yet then we heavily recommend it. A cracking debate between THIS Paul and Paul Westwood (Day 1 Speaker 4).

Duration: 57 minutes


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