Day 1 Package: Five Presentations (Runchatlive 2019)


October 30-31st 2019
“Day One Speakers Package”

Duration: 4 hrs 41 mins
Purchase: Private Link to YouTube Playlist (HD)

Speakers & Presentations:

  • Jack Chew: EBP in Running: How Excuses of all Flavours Creep into your Practice” (64 mins)
  • Ian Griffiths:Foot Orthoses: Straight Talking” (55mins)
  • Dr JF Esculier: “What is the Best Clinical Approach for Runners with Knee Pain?” (55 mins)
  • Paul Westwood: “Encapsulating the BPS Approach into Elite/Pro Endurance Sport. (57 mins)
  • Dr Izzy Moore: “Gait Retraining For Runners: Is It For Me?” (50 mins)

Please check you are happy with the previews (see individual listings) before purchasing. The focus of the recording is the speakers, not the slides. The post-purchase confirmation will contain a link to access a private playlist with all five videos.

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