Biopsychosocial Approach for Elite/Pro Endurance Sport (Runchatlive 2019 Day 1.4 Paul Westwood)


October 30-31st 2019
Day1.4: Paul Westwood
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Presentation: “Biopsychosocial Approach for Elite/Pro Endurance Sport”
Duration: 57 minutes

About The Speaker
Paul Westwood is a Physiotherapist, Endurance Athlete & Coach. He has over 20 years experience competing & working with elite level triathletes in New Zealand, Germany, with the Danish National Team and Joel Filliol’s Olympic Team as Physiotherapist/Assistant Coach. Paul currently works in particular with the military.

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When it comes to evidence based practice, there are few who champion it more than Paul Westwood. Couple that with over 20 years experience working with elite level triathletes including Joel Filliol’s Olympic Team, and you have a highly sought after physiotherapist with something to say.

As mentioned in the intro to the presentation, Paul was one of 'the two Pauls' in Session 12 of The Physio Matters Podcast back in 2014, entitled ' The Kinesiology tape debate: To KT or not to KT'. If you haven't heard this episode of TPMP yet then we highly recommend it. A cracking debate between Paul Westwood and Paul Coker (Rocktape UK’s medical director and also Speaker on Day 2!).

Duration: 57 minutes


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