Orthotics and footwear – Wading through the jungle (Runchatlive 2020 Day2.1 Trevor Prior)


Day 2.1: Trevor Prior

Presentation: “Orthotics and footwear – Wading through the jungle”
Trevor Prior takes a look at the past, present and future of orthotics and footwear and discusses how different types of shoes can be used in patient management. How, why and when should orthoses be worn? Can we select the optimal running shoe?

Director of Premier Podiatry Limited, Trevor has more than 30 years of experience working with elite men and women and professional sports in a wide range of disciplines, including leading the Podiatry team at the London 2012 Olympics at the Athlete Medical Center.

Duration: 57 minutes

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When it comes to Sports Podiatry, Trevor Prior is a living legend and it was an absolute honor to have Trevor speaking at this year's conference. In his 30 years of practice as a podiatrist, he has worked extensively with elite athletes and professionals in a wide range of disciplines.

Trevor was the leader of the podiatry team at the 2012 London Olympics working at the Athletes Medical Center and has given numerous lectures both nationally and internationally. He is a director of Premier Podiatry Limited.


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