Gait Analysis For Runners (Runchatlive 2020 Day 1.4 Nick Knight & Dr. Jess Bruce)


October 29th-30th 2020
Day1.4: Nick Knight & Dr. Jess Bruce

Presentation: “Gait Analysis For Runners”
Nick Knight, Sports Podiatrist, and Dr. Jessica Bruce, founder of Run3D, discuss & demonstrate 2D and 3D options of Gait Analysis for Runners, and how it can be used effectively to tackle running related injury. The presentation includes demos of Run3D software.

Nick Knight is a Sports / MSK Podiatrist, Director of NK Active, and a user of 3D Gait Analysis (Run3D) since 2016. Dr. Jessica Bruce founded Run3D after completing a D.Phil. in Running Biomechanics at Oxford University, to bring 3D gait analysis out of the research lab and into clinical practice.

Duration: 49 minutes
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Run3D were incredibly popular exhibitors at Runchatlive Conference 2019 in Brighton, so it was an honour to have founder Dr. Jess Bruce join us as a speaker this year. Nick Knight, a highly respected Sports Podiatrist and guest on Runchatlive Podcast, uses Run3D in his clinic, so it was a fantastic opportunity to have him deliver the presentation with Dr. Bruce. Be sure to check out both the Run3D website and NKActive.


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