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#Ep22: Talk is cheap, actions count – this episode’s special guest has mastered both.

As a physiotherapist specialising in musculoskeletal & sports medicine and co-founder of the innovative Chews Health network, Jack Chew is probably best known as the voice behind the mic for his online educational platform ‘The Physio Matters Podcast’. With his core team, Jack has become a huge driving force behind changing the face of musculoskeletal and sports medicine education.

In November 2017, Jack teamed up with Connect Health to host ‘The Big R’s Conference: Reasoning, Responsibility and Reform in MSK Practice’. With a goal of increasing the depth and quality of conversation in Musculoskeletal practice, the conference was extremely well received. A follow up conference is to take place this year 18/10 – 19/10 in Manchester, UK (tickets available at

As with all episodes of RunChatLive, this episode was recorded LIVE 1.30pm GMT (8.30am ET) at All episodes are available as audio podcasts on Spotify, iTunes, Podbean, Stitcher, etc. For more details, visit

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