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Next Episode: Trust Me I’m A Physiotherapist, Nils Oudhuis

by | Aug 9, 2019 | Podcast Episodes

Nils Oudhuis, creator of Facebook Page ‘Trust me, I’m a Physiotherapist‘ has lived a journery that many health care professionals out there can identify with.  On passing his physiotherapy exams, he remembers from day one feeling lost.

I didn’t have the manual therapy skills that I saw my supervisors had. I didn’t have the knowledge about exercise therapy to make great, individualized exercise programs. I didn’t have the communication and people skills to be comfortable as an ‘expert’, as you are supposed to be.

Getting a Masters in Manual Therapy gave him more confidence and knowledge about evidence based practice, but he still found many of his beliefs being challenged by professionals on social media who he had grown to respect.

Nils realised that physiotherapists all over the world were finding themselves in the same predicament, which is what prompted him to set up Trust me-ED.

Described as a Netflix for physiotherapists, Trust me-ED is a video platform designed to provide deeper knowledge to help improve clinical practice. Experts from around the world provide information on communication skills, exercise therapy, clinical reasoning and evidence based practice.

How to Watch / Listen to Episodes

To join us for this LIVE recording with Nils Oudhuis, all you have to do is go to our Facebook Page. The week before the broadcast, a link will be posted that you can click on to set up a reminder. The actual live broadcast will go out on Sunday September 1st at 1.30pm (UK time). As a viewer you will you be able to ask live questions and add comments.

If you prefer to watch or listen to the episode after the live recording, here are some options:

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Our podcast is hosted by Buzzsprout. If you’re a podcaster and sign up with them too, click on THIS LINK to receive a $20 Amazon Gift Card. If you are transferring from an existing host, they do all the work for you! Oh, and if you’re not in the USA, the Buzzsprout support team will put the equivalent amount (in your currency) in your Paypal account!

Hope to see you on September 1st!


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