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We realise not everyone has the spare cash to support us by treating us to the occasional ko-fi or buying one of our Runchatlive t-shirts (though we love it when you do!). Fortunately, there is one FREE way to really show your support and help keep this podcast going! Leave us a rating & review on iTunes (Apple Podcasts)!  

Ratings & Reviews on iTunes (Apple Podcasts) help us climb the podcast chart and receive free advertising. We reach more of an audience, get more listeners, the good word of evidence based running injury & performance reaches more therapists & runners, the world becomes a better place!

Below are the steps you need to take depending on whether you are using an iPhone/iPad or an Android phone/Windows/Mac. It takes just two minutes and truly makes a difference!

At the bottom of this page you’ll see some of the hugely appreciated reviews you guys have already sent in!

Leaving an iTunes Review using your iPhone/iPad

Leaving a podcast review on iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad can be done easily using the Podcasts app. The app has a purple icon and should be on the first or second screen of your iOS device.

Open the app, find the search tool, and enter the name of the podcast you want to review. Tap on the podcast logo, then Reviews > Write a Review. Enter your iTunes password when prompted, then leave a star rating, a review, and a title. Tap Send, and you’re done!

Leaving an iTunes Review using Android or Windows/Mac

For Android and Windows/macOS users, to leave a podcast review you need to use the standard iTunes app. Clicking the drop-down menu to select Podcasts, use the search box in the top-right to find ‘Runchatlive’.

Click on the Runchatlive logo and you’ll see in the details the Ratings and Reviews button. Click on this, select a star rating under the Click to Rate heading, leave a review and hit Submit.

NOTE: After hitting submit, you may be asked to log in again to avoid the posting of fake reviews.

Leaving Reviews On Other Podcast Apps

To help support your favourite podcasts,  leaving reviews on iTunes (Apple Podcast) is BEST thing you can do (aside from sending a monetary donation via ko-fi ).

That said, almost all podcast apps let you leave their own star rating or add a “like”, especially on Android. Though these ratings do not have the same influence as iTunes, they are obviouslty much appreciated and spur us on to keep doing what we do!  









AustraliaAustralia2020-02-215Dws LloydGreat podcastThanks for these podcast Matt. I just listened to the Alex Hutchison interview which was really enjoyable and well presented. The Rich Willy interview was talking to me, a masters runner!
AustraliaAustralia2019-09-305TCT 85Well worth listening to.Just listened to the recent episode with Derek Griffin. Matt does an excellent job of keeping the podcast evidence based while maintaining an easy listening style. Keep up the great work!
United KingdomUnited Kingdom2019-11-095The other Scott has been takenGreat content and delivery!Always enjoy listening to the variety of different guests on the show and the broad range of topics they cover. Keep up the great work.
United KingdomUnited Kingdom2019-09-235Becks*swimFantastic podcasts!I’ve recently discovered these brilliant podcasts.....So refreshing to hear, having become more and more disillusioned with the ‘old school’ physio approach. The host Matt interviews in an engaging and humorous way; car journeys without the kids are now all about these podcasts! Thank you.
United KingdomUnited Kingdom2019-09-115PhysiomumLove running, love treating runners? This is the podcast for you!One of my fav podcasts, Runchat live is a really engaging and easy to listen to podcast! Guests are incredible experts and I’ve learnt so much as a clinician and runner! Highly recommended and love Matt’s style of interviewing! Brilliant!
United KingdomUnited Kingdom2019-09-105lol123..Great guests interviewed well -evidence based adviceSpot on. Love it. Great range of guests. Really informative and thought provoking. Can’t believe it is live. Love the straight talking debunking of myths. I am not a therapist or that experienced a runner but it works as a great entertaining and educating podcast. Neither do I have the beard.
United KingdomUnited Kingdom2019-08-285Andypat10Common sense advice: highly recommend.I wish I had discovered this podcast earlier, this guy knows his stuff and his helping me on track with recovery, especially advice on strength training for runners especially when I was just stretching and just getting no recovery.i will catch up on this guys other earlier podcasts. Keep up the good advice.
United KingdomUnited Kingdom2019-08-085scarletalexBrilliant!Came across this podcast from reading Matts articles in Outdoor Fitness. I have loved every episode I have listened to so far. Really informative, easy but geeky too. Will work my way through them all and can’t wait for the new series to begin. Always makes me feel motivated after a listen. Thank you Matt!
United KingdomUnited Kingdom2019-07-215The Movement HubA one stop shop for runners and therapist who work with runners!Matt is very easy to listen to and always gets the best out of his guests, and what a guest list! Tune in to hear from some of the greats in the running and therapy worlds. You won’t be disappointed! Highly recommended 👍
United KingdomUnited Kingdom2019-07-205The Endurance PhysioRunChatLive PodcastMatt is an exceptional host who delivers a professional podcast weekly in a relaxed and easy to listen to manner. Matt gets only the best guests who are industry leaders and every episode is a must listen! Fantastic podcast and cannot recommend enough!
United KingdomUnited Kingdom2018-12-195sportinjurymattWell worth the listen!At last, a running podcast that helps clears up the mess of contradictory information & advice out there! If you're looking for evidence bombshells & clear recommendations on how to reduce injury risk and improve running performance, subscribe to this podcast! 🙂
CanadaCanada2019-07-195JustinMaiGenuine!I recently came across Matt’s podcast and have really enjoyed it. Matt aims to provide practical takeaways for the clinician and lay person (e.g., runners). He advocates for research and evidence-based information that will save you time and frustration, rather than promising a “quick fix”. From what I’ve listened to so far, he genuinely cares about your time, health, and self-efficacy. I am grateful to have found his page and I’m sure you will too! 🙌🏼
United StatesUnited States2019-12-295Justjonesin34Excellent information and great guestsThese podcasts have really helped with my population I treat and great for diving into the current research/info for me!
United StatesUnited States2019-09-125Nathan Carlson PTPhysical TherapistMatt is an awesome resource for clinicians, coaches and athletes.
United StatesUnited States2019-08-115VJC01Great PodcastI listen to lots of podcast about running, and I was just searching for something new. This one fit the bill perfectly, addressing the issues I’m most interested in hearing about. Definitely glad I tuned in and anxious to hear more!
United StatesUnited States2019-07-145Zuzana.Rogers.PhysioZuzana Rogers, Physical TherapistFantastic podcast, lots of great information! Matt Phillips really gets the RIGHT movers and shakers in running world on his podcast! Yes, there is still al lot of misconception and myths among PTs and runners in regards to what is appropriate load.. gentle movement, manual therapy and overprotection will not do anything but many of us still recommend it (grrr...!). I appreciate you, Matt for putting out such a great info!👏🦵A must listen to everyone who wants to stay ahead in running medicine!
United StatesUnited States2020-04-035Rebecca smith OrlandoFantastic podcastMatt is smart, kind, engaging and funny. His guests are top notch and you will learn something new every episode. Your needed to be listening to this podcast yesterday!
United StatesUnited States2020-04-205LicJulianJulian RomeroGreat quality content for clinicians, athletes and coaches. Loving it!!


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