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Gait Analysis Series Part 3: Dr. Izzy Moore – Female Runners

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In Part 3 of this four part GAIT ANALYSIS special, guest Dr. Izzy Moore, Associate Professor in Human Movement & Sports Medicine at Cardiff Metropolitan University, discusses what we should be focussing on when working with female runners, in order to to reduce risk of injury and maximise performance.  

Other Episodes:

  • Part 1 with Dr. Max Paquette, Associate Professor of the University of Memphis Human Performance
  • Part 2 with Dr JF Esculier, Vice-President & Director of Research & Development at The Running Clinic.
  • Part 4 with Dr. Allison Gruber, Assistant Professor in the Department of Kinesiology at Indiana University Bloomington.


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Topics (with timestamp) include:

  • 1:20 Details of all episodes of this Gait Analysis Series
  • 2:15 Dr Izzy Moore – over a decade of running related research
  • 6:40 Running Researchers that influenced Dr Izzy Moore: Dr Daniel Lieberman, Dr Irene Davis, Dr Allison Gruber
  • 11:00 Hardware & software that Dr Moore uses at Cardiff University for running related research
  • 14:20 Dr Moore’s studies with Grainne Donnelly & Emma Brockwell ‘Running During Pregnancy & Post Partum, Parts A & B’ (2022)
  • 22:30 The relationship of sex-specific kinematic variables & running economy
  • 27:10 Should we be encouraging running form changes in female runners pursuing improved running performance?
  • 33:00 Camille Herron: Interesting example of femoral anteversion
  • 34:00 Sprint Mechanics vs Distance Running
  • 36:30 The relationship of sex-specific kinematic variables & running injury
  • 39:40 Spatiotemporal variables: Cadence and Step Length
  • 48:20 Free Software: Predicting Optimal Gait Characteristics Spreadsheet (link below)
  • 49:30 Breast Biomechanics
  • 55:20 Follow Dr Izzy Moore on Twitter: @IzzyMoorePhD

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Our sincere thanks to Dr Izzy Moore for giving up her time to be a guest!

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