Lesson 3: The Warm Up Part 2 – Runchatlive Runners Guide

by | Apr 3, 2021 | Runners Guide Course Preview

WELCOME to this opportunity to see the first four lessons of our ‘RUNCHATLIVE RUNNERS GUIDE’ course. For access to the entire course (20 video lessons), you will need to be an annual premium member, which will of course give you full access to everything else on the site. Full details can be seen HERE.    

When it comes to running injury prevention, there is SO much conflicting information out there, and much of it is not actually based on any scientific evidence. And it’s not just Google that throws out dubious information – many traditional therapists, coaches and personal trainers fail to stay up to date with the research (which is why we also provide courses for them).

On completing this course, you will have the tools to take control of your running, saving a whole load of wasted money & time in the process!

In Lesson 3 of the course we continue our look at The Warm Up, focussing on what we should be doing according to the evidence.

We discuss dynamic stretching and whether what type of session we are about to do makes a difference to what we do in our warm up. We also go into a little more detail on how stretching can actually slow down recovery from certain injuries / pain issues.

The Runchatlive Runners Guide course will give you the tools to take control of your running, saving a whole load of wasted money & time in the process! The 20 video lessons cover topics that al runners need to know about, including:

  • Warm ups
  • Cool downs
  • Stretching
  • Strength training
  • Running form
  • Gait Analysis
  • Running shoes & inserts
  • Breathing issues
  • Pain Education
  • Rehabilitation, and more!

Remember, only the first four lessons of this course are open to all. For access to the ENTIRE course of 20 video lessons, become an annual premium member

This course was inspired by the #Runaday #Runstreak #Challenge at www.runaday.co.uk officially launched April 1st 2021. We at Runchatlive decided to not only embark on their challenge but also create this course to help others, especially those new to running or returning from injury. For information on the Runaday challenge, click HERE!

Runners Guide Course Lesson 3: The Warm Up Part 2  – Enjoy!



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