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The Runners Guide

Runchatlive ‘Runners Guide’ (course)

‘Runners Guide’ is our new foundation course with 20 fantastic video lessons, each one providing runners of all levels with evidence informed advice on how to reduce running injury & improve running performance.

Runners Guide

Lesson 2: The Warm Up – Runchatlive Runners Guide

In Ep.2 of ‘Runchatlive Runner’s Guide To…’ we take a look at the warm up, in particular the traditional practice of static stretching.

Runners Guide

Lesson 3: The Warm Up Part 2 – Runchatlive Runners Guide

In Ep.3 of ‘Runchatlive Runner’s Guide To…’ we continue our look at the warm up, focussing on what the evidence says we should be doing. Also, we look at some examples of how traditional static stretching can actually delay the recovery of certain injuries.

Runners Guide

Lesson 4: The Cool Down – Runchatlive Runners Guide

In Ep.4 of our daily ‘Runner’s Guide To…’ series we turn our attention to The Cool Down. What does the evidence say about static stretching reducing muscle soreness? How about reducing risk of injury?

Lesson 5: Breathlessness When Running – Runchatlive Runners Guide

Lesson 6: Choosing Running Shoes – Runchatlive Runners Guide

Though many shoe shops still use the amount of ‘pronation’ to prescribe running shoes, there isn’t actually any science behind it. We are all too different to allow the creation of a norm or a categorisation system that puts us into three groups (high arch, normal arch, low arch). In fact, research shows that selecting a shoe based on how much your arch drops reduces injury no more than choosing a shoe at random.

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