Podcast Episodes

paul ingraham

Paul Ingraham: Muscle Knots and Trigger Points

Ep.52 of Run Chat Live Podcast brings you Paul Ingraham of painscience.com talking about muscle knots and trigger points.

alice sanvito

Alice Sanvito: Massage Therapy – How to be Evidence Based

Alice Sanvito talks to us about what massage does & doesn’t do for runners, and how being evidence based therapists can make it work better.


Dr. Guillaume Millet: UltraTrail Running – How To Reduce Fatigue

Dr. Guillaume Millet talks about his research investigating the physiological, neurophysiological and biomechanical factors associated with fatigue, including that associated with UltraTrail Running.

benno nigg

Dr. Benno Nigg: Running Shoes – 40 years of research

A true honour to spend an hour chatting with special guest for Dr. Benno Nigg, the important contributor to running related research over the past 40 years.

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