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RCL International Running Conference 2019

A huge thank you to everyone who attended the RCL International Running Conference 2019 in Brighton, UK. Feedback from those of you came in person & folk who watched the virtual stream has been fantastic. If you missed the conference or would like to watch it again, RECORDINGS of all the speakers’ presentations are available. You can be purchase them individually, collectively, or if you prefer get access to ALL of them by signing up with the Runchatlive Facebook Group.

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Ep38 Dr Kevin Maggs: Load vs Capacity

Dr Kevin Maggs of Running Reform explains how an understanding of the concept of ‘Load vs Capacity’ can help make sense of the many factors that runners & clinicians are confronted with in diagnosing, managing & reducing risk of running related injury.

Ep.37: with Matt Fitzgerald – ‘Life Is A Marathon’

Highly respected endurance runner, sports journalist and best selling author Matt Fitzgerald talks about his latest book ‘Life Is A Marathon’, an incredibly intimate & personal sharing of he and his wife Nataki’s ten year struggle with Bipolar Disorder, set alongside accounts of inspirational runners Matt met during his eight week marathon challenge.

Ep.35: Gait Analysis with Jess Bruce and Trevor Prior

Gait Analysis Special with legendary podiatrist Trevor Prior and run3D founder Dr. Jessica Leitch, discussing the role of Gait Analysis in treating musculoskeletal overuse injuries. How much of what a runner expects from Gait Analysis can actually be delivered? To what extent does ever advancing technology help runners minimise injury and maximise performance?

Ep.34: Running Injury Assessment with Dr. Derek Griffin

In Ep.34 of Runchatlive, we are honoured to be joined by Dr. Derek Griffin, a hugely important player in the dissemination of evidence based practice. Dr. Griffin discusses ways in which the assessment of runners has had to evolve in order to encompass developments in our understanding of pain.

Ep.31: Finding The Right Therapist with Mike & Malcolm

Mike James (a.k.a. The Endurance Physio) and Malcolm Sloan (founder of Sports Injury Fix) discuss what runners can do to find a suitably skilled therapist and what therapists can do GET found by runners. The site is a directory for therapists AND a software system for taking bookings in clinic.

Ep.29: Tips For Older Runners with Dr Richard Willy

In Episode 29 of Runchatlive, esteemed running researcher Dr. Rich Willy will be talking to us about the changes that runners over 40yrs old can make in order to run with minimum injury whilst maximising performance. This will be a MUST WATCH episode for any runner over 40 years old, and anyone who works with older runners.

Ep.28: Strength Training with Jason Fitzgerald

Jason Fitzgerald is a USA Track & Field certified coach and author of ‘101 Simple Ways to be a Better Runner’ and ‘Running for Health and Happiness’ (both #1 best-sellers in the running category on Amazon). His website is one of the largest running blogs on the web with over 200,000 readers per month, and has been featured in Runner’s World, Competitor Magazine, USA Today, The Huffington Post, and most other major media. Sounds like the perfect guest to talk about strength training for runners!

Ep.27: Understanding Pain with Greg Lehman

Many runners are starting to hear/read more frequently that although a particular pain FEELS like it’s coming from e.g. the knee, it’s actually being outputted by the brain & nervous system. An explanation of the significance of this distinction typically follows, but by then all the average runner is thinking is “So you’re saying this pain is in my HEAD?” Needless to say, this can often be harmful for the therapist/runner relationship! 

Ep.26: Assessing Runners with Chris Johnson

Chris Johnson: Physical Therapist, certified triathlon coach, multiple time Kona qualifier talks to us about about the assessment of runners for injury & performance, a topic he will also be addressing as one of the speakers at the ‘RCL International Running Conference 2019’ this October 30/31 in Brighton, UK.

Ep.25: The Future of Shoes with Simon Bartold

Episode 25 of Runchatlive with legendary podiatrist Simon Bartold of Bartold Clinical. 30 years experience of working with elite athletes including four Olympic Games, lectures in 42 countries, worked with Asics for 20 years. This is an episode you do not want to miss!

Ep.21: Athletic Amenorrhea with Tina Muir

Tina Muir talks to us about Athletic Amenorrhea, a condition caused by overtraining in which menstruation becomes irregular or totally ceases. Many female athletes either regard it as a normal part of becoming the best or suffer in silence.

Ep.14: Understanding Pain with Ben Cormack

Ben Cormack of Cor-Kinetic joins us for ‘A Runners Guide To Pain’, the last episode of 2018. When it comes to explaining concepts from modern pain science, Ben is one of our top ‘go to’ guys. Any therapist into evidence based treatment NEEDS to be following Ben.

Ep.13: Run Beyond with Parkes and Beauttah

In Episode 13 we connect LIVE to Nairobi to talk to George Parkes, founder of ‘Run Beyond, Kenya’ plus special guest Jimmy ‘Simba’ Beauttah, one of the Godfathers of elite Kenyan running. A must watch!

Ep.11: Introducing Kenyan Physio Martin Ong’wen

Kenyan Physio Martin Ong’Wen was a guest speaker at the ‘Reasoning, Responsibility & Reform in MSK practice’ conference organised by The Physio Matters Podcast team. We talk about his experiences in the UK plus a discussion about what makes Kenyan runners stand out.

Ep.10: Strength and Conditioning Alex Backhouse

Alex Backhouse is one of our top local recommendations for runners in need of strength work, which in all honesty is most of you! We talked to Alex about his early days training UFC & Invicta fighters through to obtaining a masters in Strength & Conditioning and today running a hugely successful strength and conditioning centre.

Ep.9: Shoes & Orthotics with Ian Griffiths Podiatrist

With special guest IAN GRIFFITHS, highly respected podiatrist & sports injury specialist, this episode is a MUST listen for runners, therapists & coaches seeking evidence based ways to understand how we SHOULD be selecting footwear, orthoses and inserts. Enjoy!

Ep.7: ‘Reps and Sets, Magic Number?’ with Matt Phillips

Here it is, the last solo recording before being joined by special guests! This episode highlights the fact that many runners could benefit from adding strength training to their weekly routines, but how many repetitions (lifts per exercise) and sets (repeats of exercise) should we be doing? Does it change if doing rehab? Can it reduce risk of injury?

Ep.5: ‘How Stretching Can Delay Recovery’ with Matt Phillips

Static stretches commonly recommended by coaches & therapists can sometimes actually DELAY recovery, e.g. in cases of insertional achilles tendinopathy, proximal hamstring tendinopathy, insertional gluteal tendinopathy. For many runners, this episode will be an eye-opener, so if you enjoy it please share! Thanks in advance!

Ep.4: ‘Understanding Running Efficiency’ with Matt Phillips

In Ep.4 of RunChatLive, we look at what Running Efficiency means and discuss how methods of achieving it may differ from one runner to the next. During the course of 20 minutes we consider what can be done to try and increase running efficiency, and also pitfalls that can surprise us if we go about it incorrectly.

Plantar Fasciitis: What Can I Do?

“I’ve started getting a dull achy pain in the sole of my foot and back towards my heel. It doesn’t hurt all the time but bothers me when I run and walk sometimes. I know that I have a tight calf in that leg and have to wear high heels for work. What should I do?”

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Warm Up: Should I Stretch?

“I always stretch before my runs but a friend told me the other day that I shouldn’t bother as it can make you run slower? Should I stop or could this increase risk of injury? My calves are always tight so I am worried.”

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Brace or Kinesio Tape: Which?

“I’m having knee problems at the moment and have had to stop running. My physio has given me a knee brace to wear, but my trainer says I shouldn’t wear it and instead use kinesio tape. I’m really confused.”

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ITB Syndrome: How To Recover?

“I’ve been told I’ve got ITB syndrome and have had to pull out of the marathon I was training for. I’ve only been running since last November and I only got my longest run to around 12 miles and then the outside of my knee got very painful and I couldn’t run anymore. It’s really hilly where I live and I wondered if that might have something to do with it?”

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Foam Rolling: What does it do?

“Everybody seems to be raving about foam rolling, but is it really worth doing? I don’t mind causing myself pain if it’s going to help but it does sometimes make me question whether I am hurting myself for nothing!”

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Running Shoes: How Do I Choose Them?

“I need to buy some proper running shoes for the first time. I’ve had a hip problem and my physio says go for something minimalist as I should be running on my forefoot but the running shop said I need ‘stability’ shoes for my pronation. What should I go for?“

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Knee Pain: Why The Dull Ache?

“I’m looking to get fitter in 2014 and have taken up running. After few runs, I have started to get a dull ache in my knees, which slowly increases. I visited the doctor but they weren’t able to find anything. What am I doing wrong?”

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Shin Splints: Give Up Running?

I haven’t been able to run for 6 months. I’ve been resting all the time because of shin splints but am now getting aching symptoms in my lower right leg on the outside, even when I sit down. It feels very sore when I run my fingers along the bone and just a few minutes of walking can start it. Maybe I have to accept running is not for me?

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Hamstrings: Pain When I Sit Down?

I always have a pain in the back of my leg and sometimes up into my bottom when I sit down. I always warm up and stretch after my runs but sometimes pain stops me from running and hurts when I pick up my daughter who is 3 years old. Any advice appreciated.

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Stretching: Helps After Run?

The muscles in my legs are always very sore for a couple of days after running. I stretch a lot before and after my runs but this does not seem to help. Is there anything else I can do?

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Plantar Fasciitis: The Do’s & Don’ts

Of all the aches and pains suffered by runners, pain on the heel or sole of the foot is one of the most common – so common in fact that most sufferers find it simple to remember its Latin name: ‘Plantar Fasciitis’. What’s not so simple however is how to recover from it.

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Heel Striking: Root Of All Evil

Many runners I see in clinic are still being told by shoe shop staff, personal trainers or other therapists that the ‘reason they are in pain’ or ‘the way to become a better runner’ is to change their heel strike to a midfoot or forefoot strike Unfortunately, advice like this can cause injury.

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3D Running Gait Analysis

Once something that only an elite runner would ever see, Video Gait Analysis has today reached new technological levels and is used by many in the hope of reducing injury & increasing performance. Just how useful is it?

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Stop Trying To Get Fixed

For runners struggling with pain or injury, it can often be confusing as to what type of health professional to visit. In a previous article we considered the difference between a sports therapist, physiotherapist, osteopath and chiropractor but experience shows that at the end most of us do not care what the therapist has studied, as long as they can fix us. And here lies the problem. The belief that the human body can be ‘fixed’ by a therapist’s hands is probably one of the main reasons that so many runners struggle with delayed recovery or re-injury.

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Guide To Plyometric Exercise

Ever heard of the term ‘plyometric’? Some of you may already know it as a term used to describe explosive, jumping type exercises e.g. squat jumps, skaters, clapping press ups, etc. They tend to be a popular addition to boot camp style circuit training because as anyone who has done them will testify, they can be particularly tiring if not soul destroying. The fact is, research does plyometric exercise can be a significant factor in reducing risk of running related injury, so we best take a look…

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Half Marathon Preparation

Half marathon preparation may be for 13.1 miles instead of 26.2, but it’s still just as important to reduce risk of injury and make to race day ready for am awesome performance. Let’s look at some of the most important elements of preparation and ways in which we can help you!

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Choosing a Therapist: Factors To Consider

Any runner who has struggled with a persistent injury will know that there’s an awful lot of choice out there when it comes to choosing a therapist. Physiotherapists, sports therapists, osteopaths, chiropractors, podiatrists, massage therapists… many offer their services to runners, and if you are not careful you may well end up feeling a little bit like a hot potato as you pass from one to the other searching for a solution to your pain issue.

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