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Day 3 of 10in10 challenge

Day 3 of the 10-in10 challenge - visibly unimpressed as had to set out at 10.30am and deal with the pretty extreme the heat of Rhodes. Discussion: ways to avoid 'not getting out the door', why goats are not the same as sheep, night running & cows. I blame the heat...  
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Day 2 of 10in10 challenge

Day 2 - Mountain goats, running shoes and achilles issues, and a reminder that you're welcome to split the daily 10k up into smaller sessions. Apologies in advance for the background wind & the drink breaks. There's also a couple of pauses in which I am pointing to my running shoes...  
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Day 1 of 10in10 Challenge

JOIN THE CHALLENGE! Run 10k a day for 10 days! For each completed day you will earn yourself (or a colleague) a £10 discount off a ticket to the 'RCL International Running Conference' this October 30/31 in Brighton, UK. 10 days = £100 discount!
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